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Elana's Personal Story

In December 2013 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. I was 31 years old and six months away from graduating from my psychiatry residency program.

In August 2019, my lymphoma relapsed and a few months later I received a successful stem cell transplant.

I wrote about my experience with cancer as it happened, without knowing how it would unfold. This is my story, starting at the beginning—my initial diagnosis in 2013—until now, as I am recovering from my transplant. (In between I met my husband and got married).

This series is in descending order so you can read my experience front to end. My hope is if you, or anyone you know, have received a cancer diagnosis these articles become a solace in your journey.

P.S - the human spirit is resilient. The worst things in the world can happen to you, and you could bounce back. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen.

To read my full story and access my cancer resources, visit my Cancer Resources page.